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Hello I am Kadambari, many of you know me as KAD, I am the creative director of KAD Designss and own the company comprising of joinery and design studio along with my business and life partner Akshat.

My journey is a fair bit different than what you might be used to seeing, I didn’t start of as a interior designer or go to any fancy design school at all, I am a pilot with over 16 years of experience in flying jets from Boeing 737 to Airbus 330 to captain on a turbo prop ATR 72 to now at present flying Boeing 777. I love flying and I am as passionate about it as I am about interiors and the business aspect of designing and manufacturing.

Early on in my growing years I was very observant and loved and appreciated beautifully and uniquely designed spaces. Thanks to my mother who would take interest in interiors and kept our home beautiful with the minimal things we possessed. My father who worked for the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot could afford the bare minimum but gave us (my brother and I) a great and abundant life. My awards for getting good grades in school would always include a new things for my room whether curtains or bed covers or some accessories from a thrift store in Delhi .

My dad always wanted me to be a pilot and I just went with his dream.
As I grew and gained experience got a job and made my own money travelled the world I decided to invest time and effort in learning and observing different forms of interiors and appreciating the art form.
I got a job opportunity as a pilot in UAE and moved here along with my husband Akshat.

In 1 year of moving to Dubai I decided to freelance design and gain some experience by helping out few friends and acquaintances. With good response I became more and more involved hired professionals along the way and started my own design studio in the center of Dubai.

I have particular inclination towards furniture designing that led me to open our own in house joinery only and only possible with my husbands support who also happens to be a pilot (that’s how we met)

What have I learnt over the years is that don’t let your job define who you are or what would you like to do and it’s never too late to take up a completely inspires me is that learning each and every day and making things happen is my goal and it’s never too

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