Interior Design

From finishing touches to full refurbishment, our interior design process always starts with a vision. We work closely with our clients, to create timeless, elegant, luxurious designs that are tailored to blend seamlessly with lifestyles of those we work with.

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Kad Designs, interior design, interior designer, interior designer dubai, custom furniture, bespoke furniture, interior

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments

Down to the smallest details, we consider every fitting, piece of furniture or equipment that will be needed to realise our client’s vision. From furniture and art to light switches and door knobs, each decision we make is influenced by how our clients live and use their space.

Project Management

From initial concept design to the final finishing touches, we offer a completely bespoke service. Our talented designers blend high-quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology with an expert understanding of how to use light, form, colour and materials to maximise the potential of each interior space.

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Kad Designss custom wall decor

Bespoke Custom Furniture

Truly Bespoke furniture is an opportunity to have exactly what your heart desirers, to make no compromises as each piece we design starts with a blank sheet. Style, shape and sizes will be exactly what is required for each individual commission. We proudly own our bespoke joinery unit AKAARAH and all our designs are executed in house under our supervision.

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